Current Projects

The River 2015 Project

The overall aim of the River 2015 project is to improve the River Holme in a number of different ways, making it more accessible for people to use in whatever ways they want. Twenty five years ago River90 raised considerable funds and made improvements to the river, some of which can still be seen in the middle of Holmfirth (the tiles made by school students in the walkway wall of the Old Burial Ground, by the post office). We want to repeat River90's success and show again what we can achieve together. Therefore there will be a number of smaller projects under this umbellera ambition. Details of these can be found below.

Environmental Projects

The Footpath

We want to create a footpath that runs from Holme viallge to Honley and beyond, some of this will be beside the river and in some parts, the path will be along adjacent roadways. We also want to create safe and suitable ways for cyclists and horse riders. Another part of the plan will be to create walks, cycle routes and horse riding routes that link to the River Holme.

Working with schools and young people

We want to form links with all the schools in the Valley to provide a safe and usable learning environment for all children. This includes creating safe access to the river for all children, helping draw up lessons plans etc...

STEM club (Holmfirth High School)

River2015 have been working with Holmfirth High School STEM group students to help them develop an Environmental study of the Holme valley. They entered at a National Big Bang Science fair and won a prize getting through to the National Finals of the Science and Engineering competition in Birmingham next March.

The team used infomation from the project to explain how they want to continue the link we have made with their work and yours. They are now looking to try out some of the other suggestions as flow rate, hydroelectric schemes for the finals in March. 

Stem Group July 15

Improving health and wellbeing

We are supporting the Sharing Memories project, Riverlution. This project involves pupils from Nabb & Lydgate School coming together with older people who will share their memories about the River.

Improving access and providing seating areas

We want to help people enjoy the river banks and have safe access. The aim to is provide safe ways down to the river at various points along its length and include sitting areas where people can enjoy the tranquility.

River access in the town centre

We are working with local businesses and property owners to open up more access points to the River in the middle of Holmfirth and make the town centre more attractive.

River Clean Ups

We have already achieved great success with numerous past river clean ups, this is an on-going project.
In order to attain a healthy eco-system the right environment has to be carefully maintained, free from litter and invasive speices including plants, trees and other anmals.

River Clean Up River Cleaning Up River Rubbish

River90 Campaign